Picture of how to make a paper machine gun by undermig
Hi ppl of this eart Muhahaha!!! This is how to make my machine gun u all saw in my slide show.
took me about1h to remake and do some pic.

-This is mini paper!!! pleaze use reg. size paper ZZZZ omg

-it haves about 85% accuracy
-depending on how you make the bollet like i told you in my other instructable your gun is ganna shot 7-17 feet.

-Depending on how you blow will coust accuracy and distance and well force lol but how you make the bollet is really what will coast you on the range. Hope you all like this PLZ RATE. If i get about 5 subscriber + 3 stars i will work on my other semi auto bolt action gun. xD
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Step 4: Stock

This is how you have to make the stock. And how to insert it. look photo... easyer.

Step 5: Kinda last part of the gun!!!

Make the handle

the blow pipe


Step 6: How to load

How to load the gun.

and your done haha hf
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jakebauer983 years ago
what do u do with the raped tubes
raped tubes. LOL
i mead rolled
jakebauer983 years ago
witch one is bigger
sergio003 years ago
it shoots very hard?
maybe i make one of this
Undermig (author)  sergio003 years ago
depends if it is very well done and all the cracks are seal. If tf you do it like a GOD like myself it will shoot very hard and far as you have a big hole to blow in so their is a greater air impact. But you have to make it like over 10 times to get 1 perfect.
sergio003 years ago
i like it
supergun1233 years ago
how do i make the tube? My tube has layers of paper rolled in it. Why?
i know y
u can make the barrel wen u roll the paper with something inside
ur tube has papr inside cause u either rolled properly and the papr inside uncurled or u just rolled it tight
Hunter O.5 years ago
Looks more like a sniper. Good though.
Undermig (author)  Hunter O.5 years ago
lol your a little weird sry but yea snipers look rly diffrent from this gun. LIKE VERY haha lol.
Yeah snipers are alot different but I know cause I play COD alot
(removed by author or community request)
Undermig (author)  legocrazie12344 years ago
stop spawming all my instructables and saying stupid things dude, you are annoying.
srry i agree
Undermig (author)  Hunter O.5 years ago
lol kk did you see my paper sniper now you will see the big difference.
the stock KIND OF looks like a dragonuv. hollow .but still a machine gun
Undermig (author)  Hunter O.5 years ago
hmmm never knew that.
TheBobster3 years ago
how many pieces of paper?
does it have to have two barrels?
Undermig (author)  Papermachelover4 years ago
no not 2 barrels, the pther one is just to make it lok more real and it is just needed.
wat r the approx measurements of the stuff
Undermig (author)  aRejectedKitten4 years ago
idk.... it don't need to be the same size as I did. just do as the step says and you should be all rite.
zaktanandy4 years ago
i made mines about 3 times smaller
Undermig (author)  zaktanandy4 years ago
elkalpin5 years ago
Seelinng eeqwiz :(
Undermig (author)  elkalpin5 years ago
? im not spanish but french or ... anglish
I really don't remember writing that! :(
pieman124 years ago
i know that there is a be nice policy but most of your so-called instructables are slideshows or "show-off-ables"  plus ur actual instructables were lasily made try to put in more tutorials with more detail is all im tryin to say.
krazipanda4 years ago
dude..... spellcheck......
Tscrid4 years ago
DUDE... Why the heck do you do this, try to get a huge amount of views, and other stuff, and you don't even barely give a description. Most of the stuff you do say looks and sounds like you're a, lazy person. <-- (We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site.)
007dna4 years ago
It's not really fully auto, because it doesn't have a automatic clip. You should at least have a gravity feed, or maybe a spring feed, because it will get really hard to blow, load, aim, fire.....blow, load, aim, fire.....blow, load, aim, fire.....blow, load, aim, fire.....blow, load, aim, fire.....blow, load, aim, fire. Instead of aim, blow, thudthudthudthud. Good idea, though.
do you put the smaller tube in the bigger one?
Undermig (author)  Phantom few35 years ago
Jaller205 years ago
how do you make the box?
CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT PART SLIDES ON THIS GUN THE box or the the tube(caps was on srry)
Undermig (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak5 years ago
the tubes are suposed to move.
larryho5 years ago
how long is the bullet?
Undermig (author)  larryho5 years ago
make it as long as you want my real bullet is about 1 sheet of paper long~
Obito5 years ago
ARGhH!!! my gun didn't ven work.
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