How to Make a Paper Water Bomb





Introduction: How to Make a Paper Water Bomb

A paper water bomb is a fun and enjoyable way to play with paper laying around the house.

Step 1: The Beginning Folds

First,if you have only letter paper like me,you'll want to cut it to a square. Then you should fold it diagonally both ways and unfold both ways.

Step 2: The Hardest Part

It is quite hard to explain so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Step 3: The Eh,okay Part

First you will want to fold the first two points upwards. Second you will want to fold the two little points inward. Third you shall want to fold the upermost points inside the little pocket-like folds.

Step 4: The Easiest Part

Fold both side's points forwards and backwards.

Step 5: The Final and Most Fun Part

Blow into the end that has a hole,fill with water,and have some fun!



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Awesome step by step, it definitely looks like would be fun to hurl at somebody!