How to Make a Perfect Drawing for Beginners





Introduction: How to Make a Perfect Drawing for Beginners

it's simple and beautiful work
and you don't have need any expensive things for it
 and if you please want leafe a comment

Step 1: The Materials

you need:

1x pensil
1x paper
1x ruler
1x eraser

Step 2: The Basic Shape (1)

1. you make 2 lines . so as you can see on picture 1
2. make  tiny bows on the lines
3. make an oval
5. make under the same what you do by picture 1,2, and a half oval

Step 3: The Basic Shape (2)

1. make 2 vertical lines so it look like a round cookie box
2. there are two important things by the arrow under you must make lines right to the left. see the next step
3. by the arrow under you must make the lines left to right see the next step.

Step 4: The Shadow

1. first practice befor you go draw the lines on the picture
3. than you draw it on the picture. but first look at the picture

Step 5:

and than you rub it with your hand so as the pictures

Step 6: Now Above of the Shape

you do the same as the step before but then in the other direction
see the picture

Step 7: Lightning

pick the eraser

and than erase under on the left a tiny piece of the shape
see the picture
you must do this the same above the shape and then left so as you can see.

Step 8: The Last Details

you make the shape right and erase spots of your hand
then you make lines big by big lines and tiny lines by tiny lines, got you!




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    Much of drawing is in hand-technique - for curves you will find that resting your wrist on the paper (keep it and your arm still) and swinging your hand, cannot really fail to produce a nice curve. Can you explain the method you used?


    7 replies

    you make a vertical and a horizontal line than you figure out how you want to make your oval and you do it exectly under. (i do the most by hand)

    Yes I see the straight lines, it's the curves. Small video clip attached.


    what do you mean with that video clip???
    i don't understand it
    or was the how you to make a oval?
    but thanks for the clip

    I was just illustrating a curve with the hand technique. Sometimes what you do with your hand is the key to good drawing - is that the way you do curves or is it different?


    i think about your film and saw what you did wrong.

    you must make lines => start with big,large,dark lines => than slowly get lighter en smaller


    and then rub it with your finger so the shape is gray than you can erase for lightning effects

    I started with a big dark line. I didn't go any further because it would make the video-clip big. This is just about the curves, your upper left curve is rather wobbly - it's the curve technique I was interested in.