Picture of how to make a perfect drawing for beginners

it's simple and beautiful work
and you don't have need any expensive things for it
 and if you please want leafe a comment

Step 1: The materials

Picture of the materials

you need:

1x pensil
1x paper
1x ruler
1x eraser

lemonie5 years ago
Much of drawing is in hand-technique - for curves you will find that resting your wrist on the paper (keep it and your arm still) and swinging your hand, cannot really fail to produce a nice curve. Can you explain the method you used?

kevinvos (author)  lemonie5 years ago
you make a vertical and a horizontal line than you figure out how you want to make your oval and you do it exectly under. (i do the most by hand)
Yes I see the straight lines, it's the curves. Small video clip attached.

Curve.wmv305 KB
kevinvos (author)  lemonie5 years ago
what do you mean with that video clip???
i don't understand it
or was the how you to make a oval?
but thanks for the clip
I was just illustrating a curve with the hand technique. Sometimes what you do with your hand is the key to good drawing - is that the way you do curves or is it different?

kevinvos (author)  lemonie5 years ago
i think about your film and saw what you did wrong.

you must make lines => start with big,large,dark lines => than slowly get lighter en smaller


and then rub it with your finger so the shape is gray than you can erase for lightning effects
I started with a big dark line. I didn't go any further because it would make the video-clip big. This is just about the curves, your upper left curve is rather wobbly - it's the curve technique I was interested in.

kevinvos (author)  lemonie5 years ago