Picture of how to make a postma homeson paper boat
intro: did you ever wonder how paper boats are made but want it to be quicker than the 10 step wikihow article well you came to the right place
to make one
you will need
a sheet of paper of the demensions of 8.5 inch by 11 inch
less than 3 minutes of time

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Step 1:

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postma homeson paper boat image 2.jpg
postma homeson image 3.jpg
postma homeson paper boat image 4.jpg
get the piece of paper fold it across the page from right to left or left to right then make a triangle while leaving some room n both sides with the triangle then unfold and do the same thing the other way but leave a extra side in the triangle then unfold

Step 2:

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postma homeson paper boat image 10.jpg
postma homeson paper boat image 11.jpg
then make the triangle the same way as the first time but after that fold the paper on the part thats not the traingle as straight as possible
then fold both the front and back of the paer boat about 3 or 4 times or more per end of the paper boat then carefully pop it open by softly poping it by pushing the middle of the boat so it pops out

Step 3:

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then your done enjoy