Picture of how to make a power rangers like gun sword
today we are going to make a power ranger like gun sword except with some creative flexability 
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Step 1: Gather up your stuff

 you will need
 panel board ("but thin plywood works too")
tools to cut out  the wood
styro foam ("optional" you could just sculpt more wood if wanted")
hot glue gun
a few screws("differrent sizes")
a drill and or a dremel

Step 2: Starting to build the main body

Picture of starting to build the main body
cut out 2 shapes just like the piucture below and glue on a piece of panel woodcut in a rectangle to the length of the body

Step 3: Building the next part

Picture of building the next part
cut a groove to make the sliding top and add a holding rail that looks some thing like in the picturegroove

Step 4: Build the slide rod

Picture of build the slide rod
 just cut a square board down to roughly about 1 and1/2 x 1 and 1/2 but  it doesnt have to be exact length wise 7 to 8 inches depending on how big you want it

Step 5: Making the handle

Picture of making the handle
 cut a piece of wood similar to the picture  this will be you handle

Step 6: Making the blade

Picture of making the blade
i cut out and layered some card board but you can use wood to make a simple rectangle blade  

Step 7: Putting more of the gun together

Picture of putting more of the gun together
cut a groove near the front on the side of the gun.  screw in your handle and slide device like in the picture

Step 8: Finishing up

Picture of finishing up
Seal up the blaster like in the picture and put a screw in the blade so it can slide and your almost there, just make sure it works.

Step 9: Polish up and finish up

Picture of polish up and finish up
add your decorative touches and you are done... have fun