now, I am not entirely sure if it's the same way everywhere, but at least in the con's I've gone to, carrying metal swords is forbidden, or, if allowed, it is forbidden to unsheathe metal swords, weather they have edge or not.

Also, let's face it, a true sword, even a prop metal one is not exactly cheap


Wood Sheets [1 of (5 to 7)mm  and   2 or 3 of (7 - 10)mm]  (I recommend you read the rest to explain why the sizes and amounts)
--- here I am using basswood, for all of the sword, first, because it's a soft and easy wood to work/carve, and secondly, because I don't have power-tools to work with harder woods, but if you do, feel free to use them, and use harder woods.
Cutter (like a snap-off blade) / wood-saw or other wood cutting tool
Paint / spray paint  (silver/metal, gold/bronze, and black/brown)
flat shoelaces (not the rounded ones) / seam-cloth (sorry, don't know the actual name)

Step 1: Step 1 - Study Your Swords

Most important thing in making replicas is to study the originals,
so, yeah, there are plenty of pages around where you can find the makings of a katana (or other swords in general, actually). And, most importantly, it's parts

image isn't mine, there are quite a bunch of images in google, and names, and stuff

se sure to also considered exactly how much detail you want to add
<p>I'm planning to make 3 of those. A WW2 sword, a Yakuza katana and an anime sword</p>
<p>yay!!!!!!!!!!! an otaku who like woodwork and stuff!!!</p>
this my own wooden katana
<br>I could not build the cover
<p>DUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!!!!!!!! This sword is WAY COOLER!!!!! Do you mind if you can make another one? This is awesome craftsmanship!!!!!</p>
<p>kampai again on the katana! I definitely have to make one of these!</p>
<p>Fantastic how-to. I'm going to use your method to make a pair of katana for a Deadpool costume. Thanks very much for your work!</p>
<p>thanks now i can make tensa zangetsu and a i wanted to ask is it sturdy and durable</p>
<p>depending on the level of 'sturdy' you're asking about.</p><p>Balsa wood is soft, so it won't stand you hitting anything with it, in some paces you can actually dent the wood with your nails. On the other hand it can completely take it if it's just posturing, or swinging it around. (if you actually want to 'clash' weapons I'd suggest a stronger wood)</p><p>as for durable, I made this Itegumo... about 7 years ago, it's only dustier now</p>

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