Picture of how to make a pvc clamp rubber pistol

Intro: shooting elastics has been a fun recreational thing to do for years for all generally ages 3+

It’s like a hobby & a sport to lots of lots of people including adults

All necessary disclaimers claimed
Some images not to scale, some are modified


To make 1 you need


1)                       5/8 inch plastic pipe in the following length


a)      13& ¾ inch


b)      4.5 inch


2)       Duct tape


3)      Knife (careful)


4)      1/8 inch thick 2.5 inch rubber bands example studio rubberband ball elastics which is avalible @ dollar stores including the dollarama or staples size 16 or you an use other rubberbands the staples ones likely are better than the studio rubberband ball kind


5)      Threaded 90 degree elbow


6)      Last part but not least & most important  the mini spring clamp


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Step 1:

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   Cut the slots to make two notches for the elastic one at the top and one at the bottom then bend and cut off the extra stuff sticking out

Step 2:

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insert the elbow into the short end and the long end by the end without the notch

Step 3:

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 get the duct tape and tape on the clamp at the trigger spot then you’re done the next part will talk about how to use it properly

First pre-set the clamps tips to do that have it so one is straight and the other is on an angle

Then clamp on the rubber band then hold the clamp by the non-trigger part while stretching it and insert it into the notches then you can let go of the clamps

Then shoot pull the trigger then practice accuracy so you can aim good without sights
other things to keep in mind its actually invented the day before orginal publish date around 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm est 
update: duck tape the duck tape the clamp tips so its easier to use