How to Make a R.c Robotic Car at Home




Introduction: How to Make a R.c Robotic Car at Home

home made r.c remote controlled car

Step 1: Material We Need to Make

1 one 3.5 v battery
2 wires
3 glue
4 toy wheels
5 radio receiver
7 radio remote
8 thin plywood

Step 2: Making the Remote Control Receiver and Transmitter.

make the receiver and fix it an box as in photos

Step 3: Making of Car

first cut the pieces of plywood in 4 parts of dimension:-
1= 15cm length 5cm breadth
2= 6cm length 5cm breadth
3= 5 cm length. 5cm breadth

then make a whole in 1st piece of plywood as in photo now put the wheels in it as in pic
then connect the motor and gears as in pics do all things as stated in pics
then connect the battery to input of receiver then connect the outputs terminal to motor as in pics. now your
rc car is ready to use

Step 4:

you can watch my vedio on given link plese like it



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