How to Make a Real Life Object Scetch Photo!


Introduction: How to Make a Real Life Object Scetch Photo!

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i just got bored and staarted doodling them BAM! an idea for an instructable! please sont judge me by my drawings im only 11. also, its my first time. dont judge my drawing please.

Step 1:

i am going to show you how to make a guy holding a pineapple

Step 2: You Will Need

a propfor your drawing and something to draw with

Step 3:

start out with a blank sheet of paper it looks best without lined paper. close one eye when drawing to give the "effect" to the drawing

Step 4: Tip

when drawing stick arms and legs just draw form behind your prop

Step 5:

when finished look with one eye open and woala! please favorite, comment, and follow!



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