Picture of how to make a airsoft gun
this was my fist instrucables :P

warning i am not responseble for any stupid thing that you do or acidently do. now lets get to making a shotgun
the ammo is anything that can fit in the barrole i used airsoft pellets. use the pop rings for gunpowder
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Step 1: Get every thing together

Picture of get every thing together
all you will need is in the picture
parts list
capgun (only this type works)
chicken wire
bic pen tube

strong tape

Step 2: Drill a hole

Picture of drill a hole
make the hole at the end of the gun  big enuff to fit the bic tube in

Step 3: Barrel

Picture of barrel
take your bic tube and put the chicken wire over th tip then secure with tape

Step 4: Last step

Picture of last step

now unlock the gun and stick your barrel through the hole make sure the guns barrel and your barrel line up then secure on the outside with tape  and there you go  enjoy your new shotgun

sswartz23 years ago
How do u shoot it? inbox me the directions please.
put the bbs and caps in then pick up the cap gun put your finger on the trigger and shoot