How to Make a Regular Rubber Band Bracelet





Introduction: How to Make a Regular Rubber Band Bracelet

The materials you need are ur rainbow loom, a c or s clip, some small rubber bands, and a hook

Step 1: Beginning

the first step is to make an eight and place it on your loom

Step 2: Second Band

now place your second band on top of the eight (do not twist this band)

Step 3: Looping Over

now u take the bottom eight and take it over

Step 4: Looping Again!

push down the straight one and put one "not twisty" band on and take the bottom one off and over

Step 5: Keep Going!

keep dong that till it could fit you're wrist

Step 6: One Peg

place both sides of the rubber band on the same peg

Step 7: Bottom Over

take the bottom part up and over so it makes a knot

Step 8: Finishing

put the c or s clip on

Step 9: DONE!!!!

UR DONE!!!!!!!



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    Good! now go work on the mouse trap instructable.

    that's a really good bracelet but it looks like a love heart

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    Thank you so much check mine out you helped me out so MUCH

    That helped me make one much better than other peoples ! Also follow me and comment on my things plz

    Directions not clear got penis hit by rubber bands