intro: slingshots are devices that uses elastics to launch out ammo which is tradisionally rocks,stones,and pebbles
disclaimer:the author who thought of the idea,disignned and invented it is never reponsible with anything done with this including damage and injurys it's okay to hunt small game with this however no poaching,all nessary disclaimers are claimed  when and varys on situation
to make one you will need: metal blade scissors,a medium resistance band used in exercise you also need a1/2 inch  tee connector and a projectitle which can be a golf ball,pebbles,rocks,stones,marbles,ball barings,batteries or  you can buy ammo made just for slinsghots which can be metal balls or glass balls

 below is the link to make some ammo


Step 1:

move the resistance band around where you find it hardest to pull is where the ball is just pull the grips off then cut off both sides of the ball with scissors

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