How to Make a Rubberband Ball





Introduction: How to Make a Rubberband Ball

it may be hard at first but keep trying and you'll get it

look what i did !!!!!!!!
it's a full pound!!!

Step 1: The Core

first take a rubber band I like the thicker ones better but any one works

now take that rubber band and wrap it around your finger so its tight and roll it off

don't just take it off, roll it!!!!!!!

it should look roughly like this.

Step 2: The Beginning

just wrap the rubber bands around the center this step is tricky but don't give up,
it gets easier after a while.

repeat this for however long you want.



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    thnx for the tut i amz off rubber awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    an easier way is to wrap rubber bands around a ping-pong ball or a golf ball,something small

    you stuffed it, my one is full rubber and its the size of a ping pong ball and its already 1 pound lol

    it gets easier after u get atleast 10 rubber bands on im also allergic to rubbber so i dont know why im doing this

    how much did you spend on rubber bands I spent 200$

    20$ that is a sweet rubber band ball

    i spent a dollar on a pound of rubberbands =D

    dude you post that on like every rubber band ball instructable...

    A full pound... Mines like 20 pounds