Picture of scary pumpkin with your face from scratch - photoshop cs5
hey guys, this is my first instructable, hope you'd like it!

in this tutorial i'll teach you how to make a scary pumpkin poster with your face. we'll be using photoshop, so it's better if you know your way around the software allready, but even if you don't, i tried to be as clear and as specific as i could.

in this project i did several different things that you can also use separately (let's say, only make a carved pumpkin or a smoke face.

Step 1: Open a new document

Picture of open a new document
first open a new document. use the settings as seen in the picture.

.then, open a new layer, name it "background 2" and use the paint bucket tool to paint it black
rverdahl2 years ago
Thanks. I followed and made my own. Greatly appreciate it
ytsabary (author)  rverdahl2 years ago
oh i can see your pumpkin face smiling from the side! glad you liked it
cool! it would be so cool if you made a stencil of this and cut it out in real life! do you think you could do it and post? thanks!
ytsabary (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
thanks! when you say to make it in real life you mean the face on the pumpkin?

this could be nice but we don't realy have pumpkins where i live haha

i actually searched just out of curiosity and found this guy his work is pretty good!