How to Make a Shadow Chao for Sab2




Introduction: How to Make a Shadow Chao for Sab2

This is how to get a shadow chao

Step 1: Step 1

To get a shadow chao you have to have a dark chao of course

Step 2: Step 2

give the chao green chaos drives until it evolves to this

Step 3: Last Step

when your chao evolves give it more green chaos drives until it evolves agian than your done this is what he looks like



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    Oh this is a easy way to get shadow chao: 1: get a neutral (light blue) chao, ONLY raise it with shadow & pet it a lot so it turns black. 2: get it very high on run so when it evolves it should kinda have a shadow shaped head. over time it will turn into a shadow chao

    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was the most awesome game ever.

    2 replies

    I know I LOVE it. I play with my chao everyday!!

    lol, just today I managed to grab Resident evil 4, The Wind Waker, Pikmin and Pokemon Coliseum for thirty pounds. Thirty. Some people don't know the value of things lol, but I sure ain't complaining :D What games do you have?

    A little more information may be helpful. What is the point of this? Why would I want a Shadow Chao. What is a Chao exactly? What is sab2? Etc.

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    Well if you dont know anything about this then how did you even end up here or if you saw a link to it why did you bother to click it


    the reason why i made this because i was bored and this my first instructable and sab2 is sonic adventure battle 2


    get a regular chao and pet it with one of the dark characters