How to Make a Siemese Rubiks Cube





Introduction: How to Make a Siemese Rubiks Cube

I will be showing you how to make a simple rubiks cube mod. What you will need is 2 rubiks cubes any type, super glue, butter knife, a little time, a little effort. If you can handle this keep reading.

Step 1: Preparing the Cubes

Pick one cube and one row I always seem to pick one of the Green rows and remove one row. As shown in all the pictures.This is where you use the butter knife.

Step 2: Glue Cube to It

Now you arrange the colors on the other cube to match and super glue them together.


Yay! You did it ha or maybe you didnt whatever dont be too rude this is my first instructable.



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    =_= that's not the proper way to make a siamese cube... The entire middle won't even turn... sigh.... U're supposed to take out the three pieces on one of the edges on one cube, take the same three pieces out of the other cube, chop up that little piece that sticks out on each little cubie, and glue it on to the cubies that hasn't been cut yet. Basically, u'r supposed to make a normal rubik's cube, with the three pieces being a hinge to BOTH the cubes at the same time. -___- since I'm soo bad at explaining, here's the PROPER way to make a siamese cube. it's under "puzzle building"

    I think they took it off the site. If you guys want, I can draw up a diagram to show you how to make it. I might also have my old siamese cube to take a picture of.

    That would be great, actually.

    Or.. sorry. Found the link.

    you can just cut a row in half on both cubes and glue them together so only the F face and B face are the ones that can't torn on both cubes. R can turn on the right cube but L can't on the right and vice versa.

    This is just another challenge, yes you can only move certain sides but that in itself poses as a challenge, you must find new ways to solve the 'cube' you cant just solve it as two cubes you must come up with new techniques and therefore it's just a new and different challenge! I realize there are some parts that are stuck and can't move but that is one of the things that makes it a whole new challenge to solve this if you get tired of solving a normal 3x3 rubiks cube! And as with bad english or not proper English, I'm way more of a math person so give me a break my goodness this is a Internet site not a college English paper! :)