Introduction: How to Make a Simple Arrow

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This is a low to no cost arrow mainly built for knex guns and x bows with slide barrels but can be used for other things.
It is made out of one of those balloon holding things shown in pic

Step 1: Gather Equipment

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you will need a knife scissors and a balloon holding thing for this instructable

Step 2: Step 1

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Take off the balloon off and the thing which holds the balloon on

Step 3: Step 2

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cut the thing as shown in pic then when it all cut so it has 3 spikes put it back on to the stick

Step 4: Sharpening

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u sharpen the rod which you hold

Step 5: How to Load

put the stick in the barrel and put the elastic band on one of the spike things on the back.

happy shooting


ttran-1 (author)2013-09-28

You live near Gastonia?

thebboy (author)2008-01-29

where do you find something like this?

aj301292 (author)thebboy2008-01-29

At shopping centers and places like that, you just have to look around and I find that they are normally at the service desk

thebboy (author)aj3012922008-01-30


aj301292 (author)2007-11-17


X_D_3_M_1 (author)2007-10-27

i dont use knex lol

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