Introduction: How to Make a Simple Laser 5mW

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well, it's my first instructable, and I'll show how to make a red laser pointer (5mW)

Step 1: Materials

you will need:

- 5mW laser module - 14$

- batteries of phone  4.5V - 4.90$

- switches x2 - 0.60$

- pvc tube (i used 3cm diameter)

- wire

- adhesive tape

- hot glue

Step 2: Make Module

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Make two holes in PVC pipe for the switches, if you want to cast some of it is so warm a little on fire

Step 3: Make Circuit

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this part is very important not to fool with voltage, if any problem can burn the laser, so check what is the voltage went in for laser in my case are 4.5 volt, as there are these batteries do not bother with resistors

Step 4: Put It Toghed

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put the functional circuit inside the module and paste it firmly with hot glue.
charge battery, click the button and. .. you just make your own laser, have fun with it


Mdob (author)2010-09-14

You forgot the heatsinking. Also you ALWAYS need a resistor, they are very cheap and they can't hurt in this situation. Otherwise good 'ible.

BTW does the laser have a driverboard? In one pic it says the batteries voltage is 3.6V but in the text you say that it is 4.5V. Often lithium batteries charge up to ~4.5V but their actual working voltage is ~3.6V so if you don't have a driverboard you will have to charge the battery more often and it won't discharge completely.

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