well, it's my first instructable, and I'll show how to make a red laser pointer (5mW)

Step 1: Materials

you will need:

- 5mW laser module - 14$

- batteries of phone  4.5V - 4.90$

- switches x2 - 0.60$

- pvc tube (i used 3cm diameter)

- wire

- adhesive tape

- hot glue

You forgot the heatsinking. Also you ALWAYS need a resistor, they are very cheap and they can't hurt in this situation. Otherwise good 'ible.<br><br>BTW does the laser have a driverboard? In one pic it says the batteries voltage is 3.6V but in the text you say that it is 4.5V. Often lithium batteries charge up to ~4.5V but their actual working voltage is ~3.6V so if you don't have a driverboard you will have to charge the battery more often and it won't discharge completely.

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