Picture of how to make a simple lemon battery
thin instructerbule will show you how to make a simple lemon battery

Step 1:

Picture of
first what you will need for your battery

galvinised nail
 a peice of thick copper wire
battery tester
quatch2 years ago
Capitalize ;)

Also, a galvanized nail is zinc plated, not aluminum.

What kind of amperage do you see? Does it change under load (with a resistor in series)? Does it depend on the freshness of the lemon?
mb inventor (author)  quatch2 years ago
year i know but i accsidently used the wrong photo but yes is is ment to be zink platted my mistace
Kiteman2 years ago
> Use your own photos.

> Capitals, grammar and spelling.

> The image in step four is not a lemon battery.

Apart from that (which sounds very negative), good job - next challenge, make your own project with original images.
mb inventor (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
sorry i was just seeing if could make one year but next one i make il be taking my own photos and making every thing better