Picture of how to make a snare
this is how to make a snare for rabbits
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Step 1: Doing the knot

Picture of doing the knot
snare 003.JPG
simply do a normal knot and tighten it.

Step 2: How it works

Picture of how it works
snare 006.JPG
first put the extra "long" end and put a little bit of it through the circle. my hand is an example.
jullbug34 years ago
does this even work? 

Yes it does, Tie it to a tree or somthing and then leave it on the ground and when a rabbit comes along and tries to run it'll get caught

caseysu32 years ago
Rabbits are awesome, you suck
caseysu32 years ago
colinbug6214 years ago
then what
thanks bro