hiii good days for all
 i Brose mi first instructable
its a lamp with a soda can an ther is easy and economic
i dont speak english so i ask for apology for the mistakes that have

Step 1: Tools

for this lamp we need:

  1. 3/4 mdf wood
  2. lamp holder
  3. Lamp
  4. wire
  5. screwdriver
  6. rule
  7. pen
  8. screws
  9. jigsaw (you can use a saw)
  10. drill
  11. thin, shape wire
<p>Esa no es una &quot;soda can&quot; es una lata de cheve. Tengo un mont&oacute;n de esas, aunque las prefiero no light, ando buscando alg&uacute;n uso qu&eacute; darles. Para decoraci&oacute;n me parece buena tu idea, har&eacute; una. Saluuuud!!</p>
<p>claro son latas de cheve aunque esto se puede hacer con cualquier tipo de latas (cerveza, refesco, jugo etc... ) </p><p>ademas de que se ve genial con las nuevas latas de cocacola con nombres :) </p><p>Saluuuuddd !!!!!!</p>
Good job on your first instructable!
hi number7special <br>thanks for watching an thamks for you coment :)<br>i want tu share more instructables<br>

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Bio: im from mexico, im a student and i like to do and fix think,all the moment.allways im found and thinking what to do
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