A fun sound sculpture that rotates and scrapes aluminum wings on the head of a pin!
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Step 1: You Need:

Picture of You Need:
1. 3V Lithium battery
2. Duck tape/Electrical tape
3. 3V Micro Vibration Motor
4. Aluminum Foil
5. Wire
6. Pushpin
7. Needle-nose Pliers

Step 2: Start By:

Picture of Start By:
Make a loop at the end of the wire with the pliers and squish the foil together in the center, then fold up under the bend in the wire. Close the loop of wire and fan out the foil in wing-like fashion and ducktape the wires together at the bottom.

Step 3: Then:

Picture of Then:
Tape the ducktaped wires to the smaller top part of the motor. Be sure not to tape over the two halves of the motor or it won't move. Take the pushpin and tape that to the lower larger half of the motor.

Step 4: And Then:

Picture of And Then:
Make a very careful cut in the plastic tubing that surrounds the red and black wires of the motor and pull off the tubing with the pliers to reveal the wire inside. Put the red wire against the + side of the battery and the black wire against the - side. Then tape the battery to the pushpin and lower half of the motor and stick it in the wall. Done!
AndyGadget6 years ago
The movie file works if you download it and rename it to movie.mov . It will then open in media player.
(But there's no sound!)
emdaniels (author)  AndyGadget6 years ago
Ahhh- thanks for that Andy! I don't have media player on my mac, I'll try to rework it with some other player so you can hear the sound.
Actually, renaming it to .avi works as well. It looks like media player works out the format itself. Try renaming it to video.avi and see if that works. Even better, upload to YouTube and link to it from Instructables.
emdaniels (author) 6 years ago
hmmm, not working so well- added new pictures and tried to add video...sorry
Emsaid6 years ago
Could you upload a video? otherwise its pretty cool!
emdaniels (author)  Emsaid6 years ago
will do!