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Introduction: How to Make a Stop Motion Video for Mac

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If your making your first stop motion video you most likely don't know much.I'm giving you step by step instructions.

1.Build your scene,I do this by only having 3 walls and no roof.So the light can come in.

2. Take the photos be sure to move the figures just a little bit.If you have a car in your video make it move faster.

3.then import them to iphoto (if you have a mac) How you import them to any computer is look for a memory card slot if there isn't just hook up the camera with a USB cable.iphoto might take a few seconds to realize that a camera is plugged in.

4.after the photos load in select the photos you want to import If you don't want to import everything select what you want to import and click the import selected and wait a few min.

5. your photos should show up on imovie just go to imovie and go to the lower and look for a camera icon and your photos should show up. the photos you want to use for your video and drag them to your imovie project board.

7. go to edit on the very top of your screen and go to select and a box should come up to the right of it and click photos.then go and double click on one of your photos inspector should come up change the duration to 0.1 sec.

8.then on the lower left corner of your photo select the blue icon it will say cropping ken burns and rotation. Click ken burns and then click fit.

9. play your video by hitting the space bar the video may be a little chalky the first time you play it. edit your video music credits etc.......

11. done!! you have successfully made your first stop motion video!!



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