tired of diggind and minning and digin to make a tunnel? i got the solution!
very simple!

Step 1: Part List... Lol

you will need ;
1 or more TNT
1 or more block (cobblestone , dirt etc.)
1 flint and steel

Step 2: Digging

find a relatively flat wall then mine foward until you cant reach the last block .

Step 3: Adding TNT

Put a TNT in the hole

Step 4: Playing With Fire

put fire in front of the TNT .

IMPORTANT: don't blow up the tnt now!

Step 5: Finally

quickly place a block in front of the fire . then step back and wait!
<p>Or just use a block of cobblestone TNT and a lever by digging 2 blocks in and then place tnt and after that place a cobblestone then on there place lever and have fun</p>
How far back do you put the tnt
<p>4 blocks</p>
Nice this actually works. Good thinking <br>
You could also get the MoreExplosives mod and use the tunneling explosive...
you could but it would not work in multiplayer.
you could but it would not work in multiplayer.
Nice! So I'm not the only one who realized that a TNT's explosion can be limited.
you are not the only one.
It works!!!!

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