How to Make a Survival Bow and Arrow





Introduction: How to Make a Survival Bow and Arrow

this bow is much easier to make and use than a regular bow. if you are stranded in the jungle, this is how u will get your food. bamboo works well also if you can get some. and PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT

Step 1: Materials

1 axe/chopper thing
2 paracord or rope
3 four 0.5 inch straight sticks/bamboo
4 kite string( i will explain later)
5 and a partridge in a pair tree

Step 2: Woodworks

take your sticks (no taller than you are) and arange them so they alternate thicker ends (see picture)

see, easy

Step 3: Knotting It Together

you can skip this step if you use twist ties but you wont have those in the wild and paracord gives a nicer look

I came up with these combination of knots

put them on the ends, near the handle, and in-between. (see pic)

to tie the knot:
1 start with a clove hitch (see pic)
2 flip over and tie a shoestring knot/ simple knot
3 flip over and tie a shoestring knot/ simple knot
4 flip over and tie a simple knot with a extra twist and then another simple knot

Step 4: Making the String

i use it because it is
will not stretch over time(i think)
has a ring to it when the arrow flies

take your kite string and tie a loop on the end by
splicing it(see pics)

or doing a slip knot from:

the string should be 4 in shorter than the bow
so tie another slip knot on the other end of the string

Step 5: The Arrow(s)

take a smaller stick and whittle the tip into a point
whittle the other end with a small notch

take a sheet of paper and roll it into a cone,staple, cut the tip and the end so it looks a good size
slide stick into it so it to the end
staple to stick

tie thread above staple

i stiched a handle on mine from this video

Step 6: The Finale

i do not know why most people have a final step but im using mine to show you how to sting the bow...... just slip 1 of the loops over 2 of the bundled sticks on top

and bend the bow until the string nocks over 2 of the top sticks





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    Pretty cool. I found a webpage a couple years ago that teaches how to make a bundle bow from paracord and two to three sticks, each slightly longer than the last.

    first of all, the arrow doesn't have a heavy tip so once you shoot it, it will go spinning out of control. Plus the bow will break really fast because of the stress points. I'll still try it though.

    I've made plenty of bows the best is 4ft length of hickory wittled down from the handle it shoots very faf

    I've got a chopper thing.. lots of chopper things.. But where can I obtain a partridge.. or even a pear tree!!! HELP! =)

    hah chopper thing and i seriously doubt u have a girlfriend maybe on sum geeky game but not in real life dweeb

    1 reply

    not the best but it works i made one but not but it on i killed mag pie with it

    10 replies

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    a bird that a bloody vishuse if you get on there bad side and they attack sparrows and that. It always tries to attack my cats so it was eaten bread on the grass so i shot it .

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