How to make a survival kit for if your in a car for a long time

i decided to make this instructables because i got the idea from a guy named creampuffs. you gotta check him out. anyway enjoy this little instructables. thanks
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of what you will need
1 ear plugs (just in-case there's a really loud noise in your car.
2. a regular size Altoids case
3. pencil (optional)
4 . knife blade
5. bigger knife
6 tape ( i'll show you whats it for later)
5 hearing aid batteries. (i'm also deaf so pack your self some spare batteries.)
6 mini screwdriver
7.twister (2 of them .)
and paper.

Step 11: Done.

if you want to put some  more stuff in it go ahead be my guest. just if it doesn't close get a very strong rubberband . like the ones that come on broccoli legs  
Glad you have a knife too! Here's a link to my kit, lemme know what you think!
Hey nice idea! Although you could do without the scalpel blade. Don't wanna play with it in a moving car.
hellmaster993 (author)  lllshreelll1 year ago
lets just say it's for cutting something open like if your locked in your seatbealt you can cut it thanks anyway

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