How to Make a Thing Taller





Introduction: How to Make a Thing Taller

this is how to make anything taller

Step 1: A.

get a lot of them

Step 2: B.

put each one on top of some of the other ones.

Step 3: C.

do more.

Step 4: D.

do more like step c. again

Step 5: E.

until you run out of pieces to put on other pieces.



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    Invent the tallest thing ever by skipping step 5 :P

    What's going on? Did i just have a stroke?

    i am confused, the istructions were unclear to me :)

     I tried this and I'm sure I followed the instructions accurately ... BUT
    After a while the much taller thing topples and becomes much smaller.
    Is this normal?

    didn't monty python have a skit about this? some club based on putting things on top of other things? now, what if i wanted to make, say, a priceless one of a kind faberge egg taller? do i just hold it up higher? and what if i drop it? and what if the items i want to make taller are ROUND?!?! My marbles are feeling quite inadequate next to my stack of cd's!! and finally, to take another monty python idea, couldn't you just dig a pit and stand in it next to the item you wish was taller?