Picture of how to make a thing taller
this is how to make anything taller

Step 1: A.

Picture of a.
get a lot of them
Invent the tallest thing ever by skipping step 5 :P
mrmerino4 years ago
What's going on? Did i just have a stroke?
i am confused, the istructions were unclear to me :)
nwlaurie5 years ago
 I tried this and I'm sure I followed the instructions accurately ... BUT
After a while the much taller thing topples and becomes much smaller.
Is this normal?
this is sort of obvious
Scurl!9 years ago
didn't monty python have a skit about this? some club based on putting things on top of other things? now, what if i wanted to make, say, a priceless one of a kind faberge egg taller? do i just hold it up higher? and what if i drop it? and what if the items i want to make taller are ROUND?!?! My marbles are feeling quite inadequate next to my stack of cd's!! and finally, to take another monty python idea, couldn't you just dig a pit and stand in it next to the item you wish was taller?
thats all i can say
superpat1826 years ago
you forgot the addition of a trench coat. all you nay sayers have some point, many things stacked on top of one another make nothing taller. a final step was forgoten though, probably the most important. if you put a trench coat around the stacked item then they DO become taller. simple logic people!!
fwjs286 years ago
mrbob10009 years ago
but it cant make me taller now can it?
Sure you can, just clone yourself a few times and stand on the shoulders.
peterthehun8 years ago
are those bricks of blow?
sick dude!
oh haha nevermind..
Viddaric8 years ago
if I were to say that this was not a very good instructable, that would be an understatement. everyone knows how to stack things, and as crapflinger said, they don't actualy get taller.
crapflinger8 years ago
....stacking something doesn't make "the thing" taller..."the thing" doesn't change size...you just...have more of "the thing" lined up in a vertical axis. it's a shame that people feel the need to waste time like this...why not do something useful with your life...like...get a job at Mcdonalds...cuz that's probably where you'll be working the rest of your life
zaethro8 years ago
I have a complaint about this method. From the picture, three stacks appear to have been made out of said "a thing". I have done rigorous field testing with this process and determined that it is in fact possible to make "a thing" even taller using only two such stack. Needless to say, I leave this point up to the conjecture of my fellow mechanical engineers.
bigpinecone8 years ago
wow! i never knew how to do that!(if you don't know what sarcasm is skip this comment)
raz8 years ago
omg that is the sadest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
grass root9 years ago
This looked like a very productive guide so I thought I'd try it myself. Somehow I skipped step three though and needless to say my things were not as tall as they could have been.