How to Make a Throwing Star (paper)





Introduction: How to Make a Throwing Star (paper)

Step 1: Grab a Piece of Printer Paper and Scissors

Step 2: Then Fold Like This (this Is a Basic Start for Mostly All Origami

Step 3: Then Cut Along the Folded Down Portion to Get This

Step 4: Unfold the Triangular Shape to Get a Square

Step 5: Then Cut Exactly Half Through the Square (fold the Square in Half to Get a Fair Measurement

Step 6: Them You Get This

Step 7: Fold the Halve in Half

Step 8: Then Fold Again

Step 9: The Fold in Half (too to Bottom)

Step 10: Them Unfold 1step

Step 11: Then Fold One Side Up

Step 12: The Fold the Other Down

Step 13: Then Go to This Part

Step 14: And Fold It Like This

Step 15: Do Step 14 for the Other Side

Step 16: Them You Get This

Step 17: Then Do All of This for the Other Halve (ur Almost Done :) )

Step 18: After That You Should Get This

Step 19: Line Them Up Like This

Step 20: Then Do This

Step 21: Then Fold the Other Side Up

Step 22: Then This Is the Final Product

this is my first post sorry if it was long or you got stuck im trying my hardest and i will teach you how to throw them in the next upload



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    there is a lot of how to's for everything

    It is a good idea to search beforehand, as there are plenty other quality guides already in existence.