Introduction: How to Make a Tin Can Battery Powered Led Worklight

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firt you will need to get a riveter,hammer,drill,drill bits,solder,soldering iron,flux,know how to wire something,know how to solder,leds,wire,resistors{or not if if you use 3 volt battery},tin snips,tin cans,a button or switch,tape,snap connector [nine volt battery], to start making it.

Step 1: Creating the Frame

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firt cut a tin can about in half. then fold the sharp edge the next step i will show you how to make the walls on the side.

Step 2:

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trace your half tin can on a flattened one.[flatten it with a hammer] attach the walls with your riveter.

Step 3:

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drill holes in the back for the leds then wire it up[you will have to solder the leds to the resistors on the positive side solder it to the wire on the resor and on the negative side]

Step 4:

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the total of what it should look like after you wire it up

Step 5:

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now take a piece flattened tin can attach top of can  and attach battery with tape

Step 6:

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cut out two pyramid shaped pieces and attach those with rivets and your done. be care full the edges are very sharp and try not to hit your fingers with the hammer  :[ owwww!!


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