Picture of how to make a tire tracks paracord bracelet
Followers and rest: Sorry for my lack of depth on this instructable. The descriptions are no longer crappy and misleading. Enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
To make this bracelet, you will need a strand of paracord that is 7-ish feet long, two strands of identical length, each a little longer than the desired circumference of your bracelet, a lighter, scissors, and a suitable buckle.
elliemae611 year ago
Made this - great instructions!!! When I looked at the back I noticed I could see the 'hitch' or inner cords. So I made a two color hitch, and two colors for the weaving cords and kind of did it upside down (well not really - I attached my buckles to my jig upside down, then did this weave), What I ended up with was a 4 color bracelet
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Mr.19113 years ago
So, my question is, are you cobra weaving each separate inner strand? Love to know cause I want to make one. Thanks
hbombinator (author)  Mr.19113 years ago
Sorry. Didn't check comments. yes. cobra weave each strand.
Thanks! I can't wait to make one.
I remember learning this from a YouTube video last summer... the original designer calls it the Stiched Solomon Bar (its also featured on Stormdranes blog)
Thanks, I'll look into that. This is a cool looking bracelet to.