Picture of how to make a torch
how to make a simple torch with inexpensive materials

im not responseble for anything you do with this information
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Step 1: You will need:

Picture of you will need:
a good knife
yarn or strong thread

Step 2: Carve the wood

Picture of carve the wood
make the wood look better(or you can just  leave it as it is)

Step 3: Split the wood...

Picture of split the wood... in the picture

Step 4: Insert the firestarter...

Picture of insert the firestarter... in the picture

Step 5: The thread

Picture of the thread
wind the thread (or yarn) around the wood like in the picture

Step 6: Done!

Picture of done!
you can even throw it!
macpower2 years ago
Wrap a rag round a stick and chip some pine resin off a tree (easily found where a large branch has broken off the trunk. This usually looks like wood due to dirt accumulation, but there's pine pitch in there). Melt the pine resin and roll the stick/rag in it. This will give you a BRIGHT torch for a very long time. No chemicals either!

TriacNT2 years ago
Back in 'the day', they used to soak whatever hemp-type rope they had in
naptha (or other burnable viscous liquid). They would keep lengths of it
in a water-tight container until they needed it. Wrap it around a stout tree
branch, and voila! A Torch that would burn for a very long time.
AndyPipkin2 years ago
You could use hexamine cooker blocks too I guess? lots of views because it's featured and been emailed all round the world!
rallekralle (author)  AndyPipkin2 years ago
i think so, but im not shure
Lorddrake2 years ago
1,011 now :)

where did you get the bucket o' firestarters that is pictured in step 1?
I Have Seen Them At Walmart In The Camping Section
It's small pieces of wood mixed with some kind of oil and pressed into cubes I think. Kind of like plywood, but with more oil and pressed together as hard. :)
rallekralle (author)  Lorddrake2 years ago
on a place called "jula" (swedish store that sells tools and hobby stuff)
xallie2 years ago
xallie2 years ago
You can make it even more cheap by using something to absorb some oil, for example some paper/cotton and add some rapeseed oil. Think it will be a better flame aswell :) For a hugh and (quite) longlasting torch, just take a branch, wrap it with some textile and soak it with oil :)
xallie xallie2 years ago
Or even better! Soak a newspaper in water, roll it up, dry it and then soak it in oil =D
Terranan2 years ago
lol, nice Mora. :p those are such awesome knives
rallekralle (author)  Terranan2 years ago
breumer2 years ago
nice !
The thread may melt or burn.
Much better to wrap the wire or metallic strap dress.
Sorry for my English.
rallekralle (author)  vitasrulezzz2 years ago
thats right
rallekralle (author) 2 years ago
God! 712 views!