Introduction: How to Make a Torch

Picture of How to Make a Torch

how to make a simple torch with inexpensive materials

im not responseble for anything you do with this information

Step 1: You Will Need:

Picture of You Will Need:

a good knife
yarn or strong thread

Step 2: Carve the Wood

Picture of Carve the Wood

make the wood look better(or you can just  leave it as it is)

Step 3: Split the Wood...

Picture of Split the Wood... in the picture

Step 4: Insert the Firestarter...

Picture of Insert the Firestarter... in the picture

Step 5: The Thread

Picture of The Thread

wind the thread (or yarn) around the wood like in the picture

Step 6: Done!

Picture of Done!

you can even throw it!


DEEJAY642 (author)2015-10-31

this is sooo cool

macpower (author)2012-06-28

Wrap a rag round a stick and chip some pine resin off a tree (easily found where a large branch has broken off the trunk. This usually looks like wood due to dirt accumulation, but there's pine pitch in there). Melt the pine resin and roll the stick/rag in it. This will give you a BRIGHT torch for a very long time. No chemicals either!

TriacNT (author)2012-06-20

Back in 'the day', they used to soak whatever hemp-type rope they had in
naptha (or other burnable viscous liquid). They would keep lengths of it
in a water-tight container until they needed it. Wrap it around a stout tree
branch, and voila! A Torch that would burn for a very long time.

AndyPipkin (author)2012-06-08

You could use hexamine cooker blocks too I guess? lots of views because it's featured and been emailed all round the world!

rallekralle (author)AndyPipkin2012-06-08

i think so, but im not shure

Lorddrake (author)2012-05-18

1,011 now :)

where did you get the bucket o' firestarters that is pictured in step 1?

hwhitley1 (author)Lorddrake2012-06-05

I Have Seen Them At Walmart In The Camping Section

xallie (author)Lorddrake2012-05-24

It's small pieces of wood mixed with some kind of oil and pressed into cubes I think. Kind of like plywood, but with more oil and pressed together as hard. :)

rallekralle (author)Lorddrake2012-05-20

on a place called "jula" (swedish store that sells tools and hobby stuff)

xallie (author)2012-05-24

xallie (author)2012-05-24

You can make it even more cheap by using something to absorb some oil, for example some paper/cotton and add some rapeseed oil. Think it will be a better flame aswell :) For a hugh and (quite) longlasting torch, just take a branch, wrap it with some textile and soak it with oil :)

xallie (author)xallie2012-05-24

Or even better! Soak a newspaper in water, roll it up, dry it and then soak it in oil =D

Terranan (author)2012-05-21

lol, nice Mora. :p those are such awesome knives

rallekralle (author)Terranan2012-05-24


breumer (author)2012-05-22

nice !

vitasrulezzz (author)2012-05-18

The thread may melt or burn.
Much better to wrap the wire or metallic strap dress.
Sorry for my English.

rallekralle (author)vitasrulezzz2012-05-20

thats right

rallekralle (author)2012-05-17

God! 712 views!

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