i have never sewn anything (well except for button) or make any clothes before, this is my first time and it turns out quite well. so for anyone who want to try but never sewn anything before, don't worry. you just have to take the first leap and everything will flow along. have fun.

Step 1: Preperation

things that you will need:
-pin needle
-sewing needle
-sewing machine (sewing by hand is possible but it will be much harder and need more time)
-black thread
-red thread
-black cloth
-red cloth
-hard cloth (a type of cloth that will allow the collar to stand up straight)
-button (as unique as possible)
-snap button
-white long-sleeved shirt
-black trousers
Cute little vampire.
That is so cute! I think I love the little ruffly tie the best! Did you really use the old push peddle sewing machine?
well, the table is design for peddling, but my grandma had put a motor on it, so i just had to step on the peddle attached to the motor and the machine will move.

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