How to Make a Very Simple NPN Transistor Tester





Introduction: How to Make a Very Simple NPN Transistor Tester

in this instructable i will show you how to make a very simple NPN transistor tester.

Step 1: You Will Need:

a NPN transistor (to test) 
a 10K OHM resistor
a 470 OHM resistor
a on/off switch
and a 9V battery (5-12V)

Step 2: Making It.

here are the schematics. and a picture of my finished product.



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    Thanks for the upload ,pls may i know . how do i test a transistor using a PIC microcontroller? im ean what mechanisms or theory will the PIC employ while testing the transistor

    No transistor socket on the PC board, no they still such an animal anymore? Of course you can always check a transistor for basic functionality with an ohm meter no shorts or opens it should work to a degree.

    In my science book we have a super basic section of electronics and its kinda sad... But in later years when I actually go to school for electronics I'll learn about it. Maybe my dad dose know maybe he doesn't, he gave me all of his NEETS modules from the Navy and they have EVERYTHING about electronics!

    In regards to NEETS. NEETS can be read online, while connected the to the internet. Because I couldn't find a place where can download the individual modules as I did years ago I'm in the process of uploading the modules to www.archive org I see that the ones I have already upload are being downloaded. Also I see they are being converted to the format the Kindle can use.

    I have no idea what all of those numbers and symbols are and what not but very smart! Electronics are almost always fun (not when they dont work)! I cant wait till I'm 17 because theres a guy that works at EATON that wants to hire me! He gives me all kinds of electronics thats they dont need worth $1000's so I sell it on eBay! I LOVE IT!!!!

    maybe you could made something to reverse the polarity so you dont need one battery.

    This is your new member