this is my 1st instructable,so please tell me if it is good.

so im going to show how to make a very simple robot:the beetle robot!

it uses no chip,no programation,only the simple 3th connection
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Step 1: Get all the materials needed!

Picture of get all the materials needed!
ok so get all these.i got them mostly from broken toys,i'm sure you can find them at radioshack.

- a AA battery holder -> holding the batteries
- some solder wire -> soldering
- some wires -> connecting motor to switch,to batteries
- 2 AA batteries -> powering the motor
- 2 1.5V motors (preferably identical) -> making the robot move
- a slide switch -> ON,OFF
- 2 SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) switches -> used for antenna
- 1-2 paperclips -> glue on the antennae so it is longer
- some glue sticks -> use with the hot glue gun

Step 2: Get all the tools needed!

i borrowed all the tools from my father,once again,they should be available at radioshack

- wire cutter and stripper ->cut wires and strip them
- pliers ->shape the antennas
- hot glue gun -> glue the switch and the SPDT switches on the battery holder
- a soldering iron -> solder and connect wires together
- a multimeter -> check the battery

Step 3: So,let's get started!

check the battery's power - =D

if its' on <<good>> use it

if it's on <<bad>> change it (in my case,regharge it)

Step 7: The antennae,part 3

cut the antenna with something pointy =)

I used the wire cutter/stripper

you will now have 2 small lines...

Step 8: The antennae,part 4

with the pliers,bend each line like in the photo

try to make them identical by putting one on top of the other or bending them together
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plz send me full instruction of this on plzzzzzzzz

please send this instructions to this mail ( I need this it

aakankshag20 days ago

can you send me some of your good robots pdf, videos, and abstract tooo...!!!

for sure of this video link tooo

email id-

udits1 month ago

please send me the link of this video my email id

AnkitA22 months ago

plz give the full write up for making the robot...on my

AyaexD2 months ago

pls can you send the instructions with pics to my mail .....plsss

NwachukwuF3 months ago

please send this instructions to this mail ( I need this it





sivasathis244 months ago

Can you post a video how to make it so it easier to understand please?

bagirathi0044 months ago
please send this copy of pdf file to my email.
bagirathi0044 months ago

pls send the copy of this pdf file to my mail.

Aditya M5 months ago
I made it , it's a simple robot project. But I doesn't have any pic of that.:-)
don dhana5 months ago

how should we connect spdt & where should we get it

j4jibin5 months ago

pls send the copy of this pdf file to my mail.

j4jibin5 months ago

pls send the copy of this pdf file to my mail.

j4jibin5 months ago

pls send the copy of this pdf file to my mail.

singham10006 months ago

please sent a pdf copy of this to my e-mail

anir07049 months ago

I like your project, Will you mind sharing me the pdf of the instruction to my email address : . Will really appreciate it,

dhivjay9 months ago

may i know what is the purpose of doing this or either what does it do>???????

prasadwaje11 months ago
please send me pdf of id
joelpf19971 year ago
from where to get SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) switches
please tell
this is my id please send me this project.
That looks cool but how it is post to work? Dose it talk? Can it talk? Or can we make it talk?... Can we even make it pick up things or not?
Iqraa1 year ago
It was very helpful for beginners.
well it is best choice for beginners. will u please email pdf of this id is
I liked your instructable, but, could not understand step 12 at all. Otherwise your instructable was awesome.
Xdynamite1 year ago
Please send the pdf file in my email...please i want to build it for the first email
aranaut1 year ago
all instructions and materials required to build a robot is available at
i m bignner its simple robote good plz me other robot such this robot how can we opreat robot by moblie
sneha rao1 year ago
can u please email the steps for making the simple robots to my email address- as it will help me as i'm a new learner .
thank you
That's what the instructable is for, read it.
ssahir1 year ago
I dont have a soldering iron so can any one give me a suggestion on how to attach the wires
saaketh1 year ago
Please send this pdf in my email . pls email it to .nice robot
but please mail me an easier way to make any robot as im just a beginner,and some usefull,interesting robots, and how do we make them.

thank you

fshahid12 years ago
I am a beginner and I have started to do this. Now I am collecting the stuff can u tell me that are the motors will be operated by a remote or not.
Nope - this robot looks like no remote is necessary - the diagram on step 15 explains it - the two tiny switches that the antennae are connected to control the direction of the motors, so the robot is completely automatic. It will roll around the floor until it bumps things and spin around to go somewhere else - pretty much until the batteries die.
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