this is my 1st instructable,so please tell me if it is good.

so im going to show how to make a very simple robot:the beetle robot!

it uses no chip,no programation,only the simple 3th connection

Step 1: Get All the Materials Needed!

ok so get all these.i got them mostly from broken toys,i'm sure you can find them at radioshack.

- a AA battery holder -> holding the batteries
- some solder wire -> soldering
- some wires -> connecting motor to switch,to batteries
- 2 AA batteries -> powering the motor
- 2 1.5V motors (preferably identical) -> making the robot move
- a slide switch -> ON,OFF
- 2 SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) switches -> used for antenna
- 1-2 paperclips -> glue on the antennae so it is longer
- some glue sticks -> use with the hot glue gun

Step 2: Get All the Tools Needed!

i borrowed all the tools from my father,once again,they should be available at radioshack

- wire cutter and stripper ->cut wires and strip them
- pliers ->shape the antennas
- hot glue gun -> glue the switch and the SPDT switches on the battery holder
- a soldering iron -> solder and connect wires together
- a multimeter -> check the battery

Step 3: So,let's Get Started!

check the battery's power - =D

if its' on <<good>> use it

if it's on <<bad>> change it (in my case,regharge it)

Step 4: Some Wires

solder the wires to the AA battery holder - i made the wires extra long on the blue battery holder so i don't mess it up,=)

don't forget the 3th connection!!!

it's the wire that connects the 2 batteries together

i changed the battery holder

Step 5: The Antennae,part 1

glue it with the hot glue gun in front of the holder try to do it as perfect as possible

<-i'm a perfectionist->

try to do as in the picture

Step 6: The Antennae,part 2

with the pliers,bent the paperclip into a straight line.

do your best, =\

Step 7: The Antennae,part 3

cut the antenna with something pointy =)

I used the wire cutter/stripper

you will now have 2 small lines...

Step 8: The Antennae,part 4

with the pliers,bend each line like in the photo

try to make them identical by putting one on top of the other or bending them together

Step 9: The Antennae,part 5

the last part!

glue the 2 metal things on the top of the SDPT switches

Step 10: The Motors

glue the motors at an angle of 40 degrees.

once again,do your best

Step 11: Some Wheels!

i got these from a kinder toy,i honestly don't know where to buy some.sorry

glue it to the back of the AA battery holder.glue it a little lower so the holder doesn't touch the ground.if it does it will not go straight and will go slower

Step 12: Some More Wires

ok so now connect the wires,do your best and look in the picture

Step 13: Some Decoration!!!

be creative!

you can use my model,or create your own!

i also added some electrical tape to the motor for better grip

check out my other instructable!


Step 14: The Circuit Diagram

well follow the pic and connect the wires

zoom it so you can see better

Step 15: How Does It Work?

when the robot hits a wall,it triggers the L or R switch which maked the opposite motor reverse for a couple of seconds.this makes it avoid obstacles

the picture may explain alot

Step 16: Questions

any question,comments,ideas on how to make it better?

post them here!

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From what kind of toy did u got these sdpt switches
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best nice <br>
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is it video supported project?if yes,please!would you mind emailing me your video at:hirphaeticha85@gmail.com because my instruct gave me a project on a simple robot since one week...
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is it supposed to be programmed?
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Sorry this my id-neelesh.dixit40@gmail.com
Sorry this my id-neelesh.dixit40@gmail.com
Sorry this my id-neelesh.dixit40@gmail.com
My email id - neeleshdixit.40@gmail.com
My email id - neeleshdixit.40@gmail.com
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My id f.rehman96.fr@gmail.com
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<p>plzz send me video how to make it on sharadkatm11@gmail.com plzzzzz</p>
<p>plzz send me video how to make it on sharadkatm11@gmail.com plzzzzz</p>
<p>plzz send me video how to make it on sharadkatm11@gmail.com plzzzzz</p>
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