Step 16: Questions

any question,comments,ideas on how to make it better?

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Iqraa1 year ago
It was very helpful for beginners.
well it is best choice for beginners. will u please email pdf of this project.my id is vijaybhambhani2@gmail.com
fshahid12 years ago
I am a beginner and I have started to do this. Now I am collecting the stuff can u tell me that are the motors will be operated by a remote or not.
Nope - this robot looks like no remote is necessary - the diagram on step 15 explains it - the two tiny switches that the antennae are connected to control the direction of the motors, so the robot is completely automatic. It will roll around the floor until it bumps things and spin around to go somewhere else - pretty much until the batteries die.
great one
plz can you mail the pdf file to me on rishabkhincha@yahoo.com
thank you
great one..plz can you mail the pdf file to me
my mail id is rishabkhincha@yahoo.com
thank u
how much rupees you spent for buying these things for the very simple robot.
hello sir i am persuing b.tech (1 year)(ec)
your robot is marvouleus , but can give me a hint of making a very very simple robot or a circuit design of four wheel dc toy moving in any direction as the direction given by us with the switch.
i am trying to to make your beetle robot.
please give the idea soon.
adit00784 years ago
aint gud
Win Guy5 years ago
This is SOOOOO cool! It's just like little robots called "Hexbugs". Now, instead of buying them, I can BUILD them! :D Thanks a LOT, coolrobot! Win Guy
haranu5 years ago
hiiiiiii u have made aa nice robot i hav jst watched it and i will try to do this if it get succeded i would be very greatful to you