Picture of how to make an RPG on paper
this video game on paper is a game where you use your imagination.it is a fighting game.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of supplies
you will need,
1 composition notebook,
a pen,
your imagination,
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I enjoyed the brainstorming enthusiasm of this instructable. I totally get it. "Make something up! Making up something and then having fun with it is FUN!" That's the message. Aroint thee, grammar and spelling police!

cals28 months ago

use dise

This would be a good tutorial if he wasn't just trying to tell you what to do. If he said "Make your basic stats and items." Also, I note It says RPG in the title, but is a fighting game. In RPG's you usually encounter quests, monsters, and items just to name a few. The RPG battle system is used with dice. So defiantly this is a cool fighting game. BUT, I would not say this is a rpg game

SLVeR1 year ago

I think you need to make your instructable a little broader. It's just focused on one topic. You should make it in a way that anyone who reads it will be able to make an original game, not a game that you made.

I have something like that, 2 things actually. ones like a conquerer game where you dominate opposing empires using just paper. and another is something I call StickWorld. a 2-D world where you control a stickman using your eraser and writer. you use flash cards. you can make doors leading from one flashcard to another. and I also have one where you use and entire notepad and turn each page into a part of the game world. if anyones interested in them comment on this and keep cheaking on my page. I'll get it done. :-)
Malpro4 years ago
This is not a guide to making an RPG. This is a guide to making a game YOU made. Misleading title and why would I play this? That's why I have D&D
i can go supersonic (author)  Malpro4 years ago
people would play this on like road trips and stuff if u dont have a computer or video games or if people have nothing to do i made this because i was super board one day and didnt feel like playing video games
you know that you dont need a composition notebook you can have a regular notebook
yah i know but thats all i could find
see what
the drawings
Well the thing is, misspelling words to make them shorter is not really a good idea, a better idea is if you were to just type the whole word out...typing is not critical exercise, if you get a "workout" just by simply typing the whole word, then there is something wrong with that picture...I would see a doctor, Carpal Tunnel is not fun to have...

Well the good thing is that you tried, but I did make a parody of this...I made a longer tutorial on how to do this on your computer, without an Internet connection, it proves useful, especially when it goes to the part where I introduce statistics and attributes...


If you wanted to ever learn more about Role-Playing, then I would recommend for you to view some guides from Dungeons and Dragons...

this is a pdf of the 4th edition character sheet by D&D


These are the lists of player guides for D&D, includes important resources


There are books and other stuff too, but they would cost money to buy...

But with the names, you can google search them, and who knows? You might find a free online sample...if there is any.

There are millions of great online resources like...

Wikipedia's Wiki on RPG


There is a section on Pen&Paper Role-Playing, just like your tutorial!

And there is another wiki that goes into the magic of statistics!


If you have a good printer, a program like spreadsheet, enough copy paper, and free time you can make...

Character Sheets
Player Sheets
Stat Sheets
All kinds of Sheets!!!

*Spoiler... I am going to make a tutorial on making Stat Sheets on Open Office Spreadsheet...

But truly I am sorry about this ridiculously long comment...and all the useless stuff that it has...

IfIWere6 years ago
You must be like 5 years old... You are spelling things wrong, and i hate people who make mistakes with like HUGE parts of any RPG or MMORPG HP = Hit Points not hit power or health power watever u put there... Same thing with MP... It means Mana/Magic points...
Hp is health points du if you were a real rpg player you would know that Or if you even watched pokemon or yuogio git it strait
yah go get a life
get a life IfIWere
JohnJY IfIWere5 years ago
First of all, you don't know what your talking about, nerd. He made this game, OK, follow that HE, not WoW made the game, HE did, HE could make HP mean what ever he wants, because he made the game. What you just said is like telling Hasbro the rules to their own games. MP could mean Mean Power, or Mass Po...(I'm not even going to finish that one...) Look at the online RPG called Kingdom of Loathing, you'll see what I mean. Try, I dare you, that they made their game wrong! (P.s. That was a burn.)
Dude, why would you comment on this if you don't like it?
rjrollins5 years ago
i made an rpg for halo, it doesnt use a board though
Zansion5 years ago
 I like the idea of a RPG on paper! I've always thought something like this would be cool, and I've never thought to do it.

However, this instructable is terrible, your grammar is just failed, and your spelling could use some work. You really need to capitalize where you need it, and put a space after punctuation.

1/5 Stars for now, edit that and it will be a 3*, add pictures and it will be 4*, and if you add a lot more information, it could be a 5* worthy instructable!

Also, if you want any help editing, or giving you ideas, just go ahead and send me a private message! :) 

Good Luck!

And, I forgot, but HP and MP stand for Health Points and Mana Points, just FYI.
It's HIS GAME, people. HP and MP can mean whatever he wants, because HE MADE IT. It could mean Hepatitus Prices and Mange Power if he said so.

Just FYI.

Zansion Zansion5 years ago
 Just a correction, HP stands for Hit Points.  
rockgod575 years ago
Yo you should actually make a kind of board game like it like me n my friends did for a school project.
i can go supersonic (author)  rockgod575 years ago
hey that sounds like a great idea. do you mean like with game peices and stuff like that and game cards?
yyyyuuuuupppp thats exactly what i mean, it was pretty awesome we made crossbows that shot marbles and stuff and it took me about 2 hours tops.
I posted an instructable recently on a game somewhat like this. In the same vein, you could say.

Here it is: www.instructables.com/id/PAPER-GAMING-Pencil-wars/

It's part of a series of instructables on paper-and-pencil games.


I would like to include this in a future Instructable of mine with your permission. What do you think?
u can use this but u must give all credit to me Amikolaj17 and if u want put in more  stuff.

Mr. Brownie5 years ago
This makes me =(. A role playing game is not about fighting, but making a story with character made for fun and using DICE to see how people react. Nowadays, a RPG is a game where you fight and do nothing else, and that is wrong.
Dude, he said it was a fighting game.
 I think that this is a great idea and me and my bro are planning to do it on a car trip. :)
Builderman5 years ago
I used to love to play games like this in 4th and 5th grade. We had different teams though and drew as many soilders as we could and drew forts and stuff. I made my team 8,000 detailed soilders (the more detailed they are the better they fight), it took a long time but my army defeated one of the other teams single handedly! We ended up losing but thats because we didnt make very good rules and people would cheat. Nice game idea though.
i can go supersonic (author)  Builderman5 years ago
make an instructable about that please!!! I BEG YOU PLEASE (LOL)!!!!!!!!!!!
Ha, I'm working on a couple instructables right now. I will put that idea on my list for... ideas.
benlee11146 years ago
awesome man! i mite do this in class and tell other ppl about u :D xD
Chicken22096 years ago
I did this all the time in elementary school! O.O
what elementary school?
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