Picture of how to make a vintage arcade marquee
to go along with my other tutorials I posted this so others could build my other idea!
things needed are:
a computer with Microsoft publisher
regular sized paper
a printer
x-acto knife
tape (has to be scotch!!)
and a sheet of plexy glass
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Step 1: Game

Picture of game
1st pick your marquee, either you can google it or you can go to:
this where I got mine.
now copy it, open publisher, and paste. my marquee is 7" in width and the height will be what ever. when satisfied print it out.

Step 2: Construction

gather your other materials. and cut of the white border or the newly printed out pictures. now lay one piece over the other align the one where the other ends. now so theres no overlap, cut the excess paper of (as shown). now place the paper on top of the plexy glass and mark where to cut it so its the same size as the paper. then cut the plexy to size.

Step 3: End

Picture of end
now take the paper pieces and place them over top of the plexy an tape the corners down. then tape the two piece down where one ends and the other begins. and bam your done now you can go on and read / build my other tutorials.
What did you use to cut the plexi glass with?
red-king4 years ago
If I just so happened to want to make a gauntlet marquee, how would I go about cutting out/whatever it is that i actually have to do the place where the speakers go?
Use scribus, its a free substitue for publisher
<<<<<<<<<<<< Yeah Galaga Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (notice galaga starship) GALAGA FTW!!!!!!!
Btw very good job +4 stars !!!!!
scott!5 years ago
I wanna make this, but I don't have Publisher (I have Windows XP), and I've tried word, but it won't have it split into 2 pages! what can I do?
slimguy379 (author)  scott!5 years ago
idk there might be some freeware programs. ik GIMP might work for your needs
I have GIMP, but I barely use it, can u please exlplain? sorry for my ignorance!
slimguy379 (author)  scott!5 years ago
im useless to explainhow to use GIMP fore i never use it myslef. sooo sorry
ohh, ok, thanks anyway, Ill try to figure it out
R4Man186 years ago
they make large sheets of paper that any printer can print on so you wont have to make this with 2 or 3 sheets.
slimguy379 (author)  R4Man186 years ago
but again... this is supposed to be an easy non major "out of the ordinary" project. so YES you can do the above but for some who doesn't want to buy a WHOLE package for 1 lowsey piece of paper.. be my guest.
you can get a sheet at kinkos for free so HAH I win.
slimguy379 (author)  R4Man186 years ago
well good ta know... thanks
emopants926 years ago
What if you dont have publisher? how do you print it the way you did. I have photoshop cs3 but cant figure out how to print it on 2 sheets
slimguy379 (author)  emopants926 years ago
use word unless you're running linux...
yes I have windows but dont have word and tried it in word perfect and office org and it didnt work in either
Head Wound6 years ago
Shirts what is that? LOL Kidding, looks great. I guess you have a passion for arcade marquees?
Jeremy B6 years ago
Neat idea. But is it possible to have it back lit?
slimguy379 (author)  Jeremy B6 years ago
I got your other comment, so I figure you found my other instructable but, YES > > > > > look here you'll see MY other tutorial entitled resurrect an ol arcade marquee 1 & 2> > > > > > > > > > > > >
nature2236 years ago
ahh do realise the REAL ones are for sale on ebay?? I nailed a real BATTLEZONE one for a friend for xmas.. total cost with shipping? only 30.00
slimguy379 (author)  nature2236 years ago
this thing cost me a toatal of $5 for plexi glass, I have a fun that gives me REAL ones so I just made this tutorial for people that don't want to spend money.
slimguy379 (author)  slimguy3796 years ago
sorry it should sy friend not fun
stevie36 years ago
The Rasterbator creates huge, rasterized images from any picture. Upload an image, print the resulting multi-page PDF file and assemble the pages into extremely cool looking poster up to 20 meters in size.
duck-lemon6 years ago
its a bit small, any way to make it bigger.
slimguy379 (author)  duck-lemon6 years ago
PS: "thats what SHE said!!!"
slimguy379 (author)  duck-lemon6 years ago
All depends on what program your running with you can also stretch it out to make it longer
this may help:

it lets you make big posters out of normal 8.5x11 paper.
It might make it too big, but i thought I throw it out there.