How to Make a Vintage Arcade Marquee





Introduction: How to Make a Vintage Arcade Marquee

to go along with my other tutorials I posted this so others could build my other idea!
things needed are:
a computer with Microsoft publisher
regular sized paper
a printer
x-acto knife
tape (has to be scotch!!)
and a sheet of plexy glass

Step 1: Game

1st pick your marquee, either you can google it or you can go to:
this where I got mine.
now copy it, open publisher, and paste. my marquee is 7" in width and the height will be what ever. when satisfied print it out.

Step 2: Construction

gather your other materials. and cut of the white border or the newly printed out pictures. now lay one piece over the other align the one where the other ends. now so theres no overlap, cut the excess paper of (as shown). now place the paper on top of the plexy glass and mark where to cut it so its the same size as the paper. then cut the plexy to size.

Step 3: End

now take the paper pieces and place them over top of the plexy an tape the corners down. then tape the two piece down where one ends and the other begins. and bam your done now you can go on and read / build my other tutorials.



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    Errr...why not get a printable sheet that is the length you need instead of joining individual pieces? Kind of a crude way to do it.

    What did you use to cut the plexi glass with?

    If I just so happened to want to make a gauntlet marquee, how would I go about cutting out/whatever it is that i actually have to do the place where the speakers go?

    Use scribus, its a free substitue for publisher

    <<<<<<<<<<<< Yeah Galaga Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (notice galaga starship) GALAGA FTW!!!!!!!

    I wanna make this, but I don't have Publisher (I have Windows XP), and I've tried word, but it won't have it split into 2 pages! what can I do?

    idk there might be some freeware programs. ik GIMP might work for your needs