this is a tuttorial on how to make a highly durable yet cheap wallet chain

Step 1: getting the matirials

you are going to need:
-2 hands
-a dog chain collar
-a wallet
-1brain cell minimum
-and 1 small chain clip (2 if you dont have a wallet)

Step 2: cliping on the clip

clip the clip on one ring if you have 2 clip them on both ends

Step 3: putting on the cain to wallet

thred the ring end through the chain then wrap  loop made around the wallet

Step 4: clip the cain

clip the chin onto your blet loop and there you go! (belt loops if its a no wallet look your going for)
Good tutorial! I took in a slightly different direction, but the best part of all was the advice to wrap it around a fold of the wallet, instead of having to punch a hole and install a grommet.

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