How to Make a Waterfall Crazy Z Loom Bracelet


Introduction: How to Make a Waterfall Crazy Z Loom Bracelet

these are the steps of the water.fall bracelet

Step 1: Single Loom

making a single loom on every space

Step 2: Trangile!

then skip a space on the d
frost one and then do a shape traingle on every corner shown on the picture

Step 3: Looping Time!

then flip ur board and loop the right side then middle and left

Step 4: It Should Look Like This

then when ur done it should look like this

Step 5: Keep on Looping

then loop till u get to the top

Step 6: Turn

then u take the end of one Side and put it I the middle do it to both sides

Step 7: Take It Oooooooffffff

then Peel it all off



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    4 Discussions

    cool it looks like a triple single but it looks like a waterfall

    Awesome. And now I know I am not the only one on instructables with a Cray-z-loom