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Introduction: How to Make a Website With Html

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Here I'm just putting a few resources. Click here to see my webpage for HTML. Click here to see some more tags (very helpful). Here is yet another helpful resource, click here. To see a video for putting your site on line, click here, or watch the video below. Thank you for looking at this instructable!


Step 1: Making an Html File


the video above shows how to do some html.

History of HTML:

HTML stands for "hyper text mark-up language" this language is used to make web pages any web page you see must have some HTML in it to work. Applications such as: microsoft word and iweb add the code for you. HTML was made (or came to use) in 1989 a scientist was working in a lab and invented this language. The internet came out in the same year right after his discovery. That's all I'm going to say but to learn more about the subject you can "google" it.
How it works:

Most HTML tags enclosed in triangular brackets (< >). Everything outside the brackets will show up on the screen. There are three languages that are used for web sites: HTML,javascript,css.
Step one: make your first website!

Now you are ready to make your first web site! Go to your text editor such as: text edit (mac), note pad (pc) and open a new document. Then save the document (I suggest the desktop) and change the file extension from .txt to .html . NOTE: you must change the file extension otherwise it won't work. Then (on mac) go to the "format" list (on top of your screen) and change it to "plain text". Now your ready to do some code! The first thing you'll type would be:this tag tells the computer what language your using. Then press "return" on your key board and type. This tag tells the computer that the document for HTML is over. Next typeright under the first html tag. Then typeright before the tag. You should have this:

NOTE: a lot of html tags have a slash; that means to end the meaning. For exampletells the computer to start html and thetag says to end html.

NOTE: before anyone can see your web-site you need to put it on the internet look for someone to host your website.

Between theandtags you can type anything you want. Then go to where you saved the file and double click it. It should open up your web browser and display what ever you typed between theandtags.

For the time being I'm going to teach you the simple tags all these tags go between theandtags.
tag ------------------- what it does

-anything between the tags will be in bold print

-makes the title of the window (anything between the tags is the title)


-makes a paragraph

-anything between the tags is underlined

-anything text between the tags will be red (you could make the text any color you want)

-this tag puts a picture in your web page. Don't just copy this tag when you use it look for your own picture and look at the name it could be IMG_678975.pic if so then replace "IMG_0001.jpg" with "IMG_678975.pic"

^picture file name
There are mant more tags but these are very simple ones there are thousands of them just learn one at a time.

Nesting tags

Let's say you wanted to make some text bold and underlined
. How do you do that...easy! It's NESTING to the rescue. Nesting tags is a way to put tags in the right order so everything turns out the way you want! This is what I mean:
that is cool! < /u>

This is the right order for any multitaging. Just remember "inside-to-out" and you'll be fine!

Well you have just learned the hardest part of html-sticking to something even though it seems really hard. Stay with it be resourceful google something if you don't know. Look for videos on you tube that give more teaching. I hope that you have benefitted from this HTML lesson!

Step 2: Putting Your Site Online

I found some you tube videos that explain it very well. They're embedded above. One (the upper one) explains how to do it with drop box. The other one shows how to do it the traditional way.

Thank you for looking at this instructable.



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