this whip only takes about ten minutes to make.it cracks but it probably wouldn't hurt.

Step 1: What You Need

you need
-duct tape
and something to cut with

Step 2: Weave It

make a loop and put it on your finger

Step 3:

wrap the end around your finger above the first loop.

Step 4:

pull it over.reapete.make it twice as long as your arm

Step 5:

now  cut three pieces of yarn.

Step 6:

tie them on to the end of the weave

Step 7:

braid them .put a piece of duct tape on the end.then cut of the extra

Step 8:

tape to a stick. its done.

Step 9:

I like this yarn whip! You can play and crack it but it won't hurt.
i dnt know but it works
This is a great idea, but I don't see how yarn has the weight to produce a good crack. Yarn, when swung through the air, has a tendency to go slow (because of the light material it is made out of), therefore it looks like it won't get the speed/inertia/momentum to make the cracker (the end of the whip) go supersonic.

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