Picture of wooden claw keychain
this instructable will show you how to carve a out a tigers claw out of wood.
you will need :
hobby knives
approx 7cm x 7cm piece of wood
a container
approx 500ml of water

update: i made this when i was 11 so be nice 
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Step 1: 1

first cut out a claw like shape out of the wood,
outline it onto a piece of wood an cut it using whatever  

Step 2: 2

soak the wood for a while in warm water, depends on what wood you use, i just used random hardwood but if you have something better suited for carving no need to soak. 

Step 3: 3

Picture of 3
now from there start shaving edges of, its little hard to explain, just play around an use your head 

Step 4: 5

Picture of 5
if you want it to fit on a key ring shape the back like this, but your batter of just making the back flat an screwing in a round hook 

Step 5: 6

Picture of 6
finish off by sanding 
rajr110 (author) 4 years ago
lool yh i agree it dosnt make any sense and it dosnt really "instruct" very well. when i made this i was 11 it was a long time ago id say its pretty decent for a 11 yearold
hobzez5 years ago
it looks like richards necklace from legend of the seeker
bedbugg26 years ago
it looks a lil bit like a shark tooth
awoodcarver8 years ago
Is it a 2 sided cut to shape? If so add a pattern, can I ask why would you soak the wood ? May i say hobby knives work fine on softer woods but if the wood is so hard you have to soak it then use a dremel or a pocket knife .Not a clear instructale but a fair carving ..like saying go look at these carvingsand make them
cool carvings,can you make those ball in a cage things?
Yes , one of the first thing a woodcarver makes just so we can say we made one , I should try and do an Instructable on it but I don't think it is the best way to learn
what kind of wood? oak? pine?
lemonie8 years ago
The title is "how to make a wooden claw keychain", and I don't see a keychain. (incomplete) I see 3 photos of the same thing, and another one. Please add more detail and show the finished item L
rajr110 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
i get what you are saying bu the way the picture up there is the finished item i just havent sanded the hole
lemonie rajr1108 years ago
Or put it on a chain. Get someone pretty to model this for you? L
HamO8 years ago
"first cut out a claw like shape out of the wood"
yeah, cut away all the wood which doesn't look like a tiger's claw.
yea, I agree. This instruct. doesn't really make any sense.