Picture of how to make a wooden ping pong paddle
just recently i have received a ping pong table as a graduation present for graduating from the 8th grade.

after playing a little bit of ping pong i decided "what if i made a ping pong paddle?" and well i did.

and unlike my other instructable i made this while i was doing it. my other instructable i made before hand causing it to be a little bit hard to explain BUT ANYWAY.

have u ever wanted to make a ping pong paddle? well now you will find out how to.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
3.ping pong paddle (to work off of)
5.a long slab of wood (any can do fine as long as its wide and pretty thick)
6. (not pictured) jigsaw
7. sand paper
d_stein3 months ago

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d_stein3 months ago