How to Make a Wreath for Free





Introduction: How to Make a Wreath for Free

i will show you how to make a wreath for free.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

you'll need to get some (pine) branches. you can get these at place you get x-mas trees.ask if you can have some (scrap) branches. you might find some rope which you'll need. if you cant get some rope then find some or ask. you'll also need scissors and a saw.
the more branches you have the bigger it gets.

Step 2: Trimming

use the saw to trim the extra branches. tip:bend the branch and cut in the middle where it bends.
trim some of the extra off.

Step 3: Tying

gather the branches( the ones on the branch) and tie them together.

Step 4: Puting Togather

take one branch(Y) and stick it into the other branch(X) until THE stem of branch(Y) goes past the tied rope of branch(X).repeat.

Step 5: Final Touches

take the scrapes and use them to cover brown spots. if you need to make extra ties to hold in the branches and scrapes you may.

Step 6: Finish

you now have your wreath. enjoy.



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    hello, thanks so much for your tutorial. I would like to know what you tie the branches together with. That seems like the most important part of your entire tutorial.

    very cool, especially with Christmas coming up!