Picture of how to make a zine
i will teach you you how to make a quarter page sized zine that is sixteen pages long.
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Step 1: What you will need

here is what i use to start making my zine.a few sheets of 8.5x11 paper, my content for the zine sized to fit one fourth of the letter size paper, glue stick, and scissors. i also have a pen handy, too, so i can add to the pages if needed. Other things you might need that I did not picture: cello tape, pens, markers.

Step 2: Fold your pages

Picture of fold your pages
fold the blank letter pages in quarters. this is the size of the zine.

Step 3: Your pages

Picture of your pages
unfold them and put them together. i find this is the best way to work on them.

Step 4: Pagination

Picture of pagination
this shows how the zine is layed out. i start with the cover, then the reverse of that is page 1, below the cover os page 2, reverse of that is page 3... (see step 5 to lear more). your center is pages 7 and 8.

Step 5: Pagination some more

Picture of pagination some more
this is the reverse sides of step 4. notice the page numbers and how they go. sometimes i write this lightly in pencil on the pages, this also helps out when you assemble your zine.

Step 6: Adding content

Picture of adding content
cut out all your zine content. i like to make it a little smaller than the actual page size so there aren't any things that get lost when it is copied. a good rule is stay .25 in from all edges for no bleed.

i like to put all my pages in order of how they will appear in my zine. sometimes i even place the facing pages together so i can get a feel of how they will look together and flow for the reader.

Step 7: Glue in your pages

Picture of glue in your pages
now that your pages are in the order you would like, take the time to glue them in place. sometimes i like to draw on the pages here, too, or draw and glue other art, put stickers, or rubber stamps. "pimp it" as they say...

notice the cover and back cover are together, as shown earlier.
Kante Tech5 years ago
 you got that from a book called lunch money by andrew clements
I... think I get it. Time to print and actually try it.
otakutheiii8 years ago
I like the experimentation with the standard format. You did one-offs, and quarterpage style. Any more?
///? a folded comic book thingie-majiger-maboberizer?