simple but effective AI system

Step 1: find your voice

first you have to find your computers voice recognition. it is most likely in accessibility
once you find and set that up you can move on to step 2 
<p>This really isn't an Artificial Intelligence, but I do actually know how to make one. It's quite simple actually. Just download the whole internet as it's personality and there you go, you have an AI. Just don't steal my idea guys.</p>
<p>By the way, I am a thirteen years old! I know surprising that a thirteen year old knows how to make an AI, Iron Man suit, make a Magneto suit, and a spiderman suit, all that actually work!</p>
<p>Well Somehow i find that very hard to believe, the AI is of course easy enough, but magnete suit? Ironman suit? or spiderman suit? That is a lie. First of all The iron man suit, you can probally make a suit, but making it out of the right materials cost millions, and second of all all of the suits &quot;abilities&quot; is unreal, like how would you make clean plasma-ish infinite power, and the jetpacks in the suits are way to small to be realistic. The magneto suit, come on man, he is a mutan human which means he gets powers from his body, and besides if you already knew how to move metal like that you would have been in the news... and i think we all know that you can make any material that can work like the web.. I don't mind if you tried to fool around but lets be serious there is a reason they only exist in films. (Perhaps my english is bad, but my native language is danish and not english)</p>
<p>Well, actually the Iron Man Suit itself is possible to create but it consists of a combination of aero-, electrical-, mechanical-, and many other types of engineering. And yes, getting the materials is going to cost millions, even billions, of cash and also remember that in order to operate the suit, you need a super AI like JARVIS so it can pilot the suit and give global positioning and geological information. The process may take years to build but yes it is possible to make the suit. Oh yeah, and the weapons such as the repulsors haven't really been created yet.... Remember, Tony Stark has an IQ of 250+. </p>
<p>You are right, and that was what i was talking about the suit itself is hard to create because of cost but the weapons and the powering to the suit will be hard if we have to make it comfortable to be in also.</p>
<p>Dude keep up the good work the world is powered by prodigies. They are the only people that can keep up to the changes being made</p>
<p>oh cool! im 13 too! and i do programming in c# and java!</p>
<p>I am 14</p>
<p>I build robots and A.I.s</p>
<p>m2 :D</p>
<p>it would be homicidal and infected</p>
Hello there could you help me develop one i need one for my project kindly help me this is my email take me thru the steps so i might understand well levymbuguah@gmail.com
<p>Well that's nice and all but you're clearly lying. One cannot simply download the entire internet - there's no storage medium on earth large enough. And that wouldn't create a personality; you actually need to program to make an AI. If you did use the internet as a template for personality, your AI would be an overly-sexual weeaboo jerk. That's basically the internet summed up. I myself have a low-level AI which is about a step below Cortana or Siri. My AI is capable of responding to some phrases and running certain commands, but unfortunately not many commands and isn't able to converse. If I took a leaf out of Cleverbot's book, it would be able to converse, but would be random and idiotic compared to a human.</p>
<p>you are partially correct currently there is no place that can store the whole internet; however the NSA is beginning building a complex that has the space to store around one and a half internets.</p>
<p>you are partially correct currently there is no place that can store the whole internet; however the NSA is beginning building a complex that has the space to store around one and a half internets.</p>
<p>For every complete idiot that thinks they can make an AI in this forum, stop dreaming. I've been working an AI for over 10 years and for a few that's longer than you've been alive, but guess what. It's no where near actual human intelligence. Downloading the entire internet? Still not as much information as 1, just 1 human consist of. Just 1 human's neuron's are worth 500 billion gigabytes or 500 million terabytes. Even if you built a building the height of the empire state building and the width of an average high school campus, then filled it to the brim with super computers, you STILL would only have enough storage to hold one human's data. And then there's no guarantee that it will be smart enough to interact with people, let alone learn as a real AI should. After 10+ years I'm still working on an online AI and will continue. It's already surpassed Siri.</p>
<p>iv'e spent 2 years of my life creating my own original AI and i'm twelve.</p>
<p>cristinaL8 and hi357357, iv'e noticed that we have many things in common and maybe we should work together?</p>
<p>This isn't artificial intelligence.</p>
<p>I don't know about that but I know how to get the computer to type something (WINDOWS MACHINES ONLY). </p><p>CODE:(In the bold)</p><p>========================================</p>set wshshell = wscript.CreateObject(&quot;wscript.shell&quot;)<br>wshshell.run &quot;Notepad&quot;<br>wscript.sleep 2000<br>wshshell.AppActivate &quot;Notepad&quot;<br>WshShell.SendKeys &quot;Hello I am your computer.&quot;<br>WScript.Sleep 1<p>========================================</p><p>Then save as vbs and run the program.</p>
<p>Well it did not make the code bold. Type what is between the =. but exclude the ='s.(do not type the =).</p>
<p>too vauge</p>
<p>meron po ba kayong alam na site kahit source code lang pano gumawa ng AI??</p>
<p>what about iOS</p>
<p>Sounds like something GLaDOS would say</p>
Hi Nathan
This thing didnt work!
<em>me: im lonely<br> computer: don't worry i'm here</em><br> <br> -That's scary.<br> <br> L<br> <br> Not enough <strong>I</strong> in this

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