simple but effective AI system

Step 1: find your voice

first you have to find your computers voice recognition. it is most likely in accessibility
once you find and set that up you can move on to step 2 
<p>This isn't artificial intelligence.</p>
<p>I don't know about that but I know how to get the computer to type something (WINDOWS MACHINES ONLY). </p><p>CODE:(In the bold)</p><p>========================================</p>set wshshell = wscript.CreateObject(&quot;wscript.shell&quot;)<br>wshshell.run &quot;Notepad&quot;<br>wscript.sleep 2000<br>wshshell.AppActivate &quot;Notepad&quot;<br>WshShell.SendKeys &quot;Hello I am your computer.&quot;<br>WScript.Sleep 1<p>========================================</p><p>Then save as vbs and run the program.</p>
<p>Well it did not make the code bold. Type what is between the =. but exclude the ='s.(do not type the =).</p>
<p>too vauge</p>
<p>meron po ba kayong alam na site kahit source code lang pano gumawa ng AI??</p>
<p>what about iOS</p>
<p>Sounds like something GLaDOS would say</p>
Hi Nathan
This thing didnt work!
<em>me: im lonely<br> computer: don't worry i'm here</em><br> <br> -That's scary.<br> <br> L<br> <br> Not enough <strong>I</strong> in this

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