you can shoot patatoe pieces at your sister when your mad at her

Step 1: Push...

push thumbtacks into the container about a centimeter apart

Step 2: Hooking

hook the sparker wires on to the thumbtacks (incredibly sorry about the picture, only a 1 megapixle camers-10 years old)

Step 3: Drill

drill a hole in the bottom

Step 4: Sliding.......

slid the pen base onto the hole in the bottom of the container

Step 5: Finished

the finished spud gun
<p>how do you get the sparker from a lighter?</p>
i made one from a big 4 pint milk bottle and i pressed the sprak thing and it didnt work and then really stupidly i toke of the cap and prseed the spark to see if it worked and a big flame came out and burnt my face, but the burn was really really minor and the next day my face is fine but really u should be careful with this sort of stuff
http://www.spudtech.com/content.asp?id=16<br>read first please!!
mines better,
you need to glue&nbsp; the barrel in some way<br /> I used hot glue for mine.<br />
huh... I go to splashdown in MD sometimes, didn't know they had one in NY
Wow! I love the fact that you're using the two thumb-tacks to act as a conductor to make the spark, excellent idea!
Actually most people do that.
it aint the camera its coz u took it too close
no, its cuz i didn't use proper lighting like in this instructable: <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-wire-up-a-light-bulb-socket/">https://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-wire-up-a-light-bulb-socket/</a><br/>
Creative. Was ur mom like "What happened to the dang bathroom freshener?"
no she hates Oust, it leaves the air hard to breath. so she let me use it
Its Too Small Of A Barrel If Your Going To Use That Big Of A Chamber :( As A Tip; Use Some Putty Or Something Around The Base Of The Pen to Keep Air From Escaping
its fine, i used it and it just gives it extra power, and i could use putty, but its a pretty nice fit, i had 2 force it in the hole i made
This one looks pretty easy/ cool to try out. Nice job.<br/><br/><sub>By the way, are you going to post a lot of Instructables for now on? :-)..</sub><br/>
thanks to you all, and GorillazMiko, i'll think on it

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