How to Make an Oust Powered Mini Spud Gun





Introduction: How to Make an Oust Powered Mini Spud Gun

you can shoot patatoe pieces at your sister when your mad at her

Step 1: Push...

push thumbtacks into the container about a centimeter apart

Step 2: Hooking

hook the sparker wires on to the thumbtacks (incredibly sorry about the picture, only a 1 megapixle camers-10 years old)

Step 3: Drill

drill a hole in the bottom

Step 4: Sliding.......

slid the pen base onto the hole in the bottom of the container

Step 5: Finished

the finished spud gun



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    how do you get the sparker from a lighter?

    i made one from a big 4 pint milk bottle and i pressed the sprak thing and it didnt work and then really stupidly i toke of the cap and prseed the spark to see if it worked and a big flame came out and burnt my face, but the burn was really really minor and the next day my face is fine but really u should be careful with this sort of stuff
    read first please!!

    you need to glue  the barrel in some way
    I used hot glue for mine.

    huh... I go to splashdown in MD sometimes, didn't know they had one in NY

    Wow! I love the fact that you're using the two thumb-tacks to act as a conductor to make the spark, excellent idea!

    Actually most people do that.

    it aint the camera its coz u took it too close