How to Make an Air Pack




Introduction: How to Make an Air Pack

you need theese 5 things
1. an old bookbag
2. vaccume hose and connector(shop vac)
3. an old front filtered dust mask
4. sime rubber bands(4small ones.)

Step 1: Step 1

take the hose and connestor from vaccume

Step 2: Step 2

cut 2 small holes in the book bag

Step 3: Step 3

place hose in the holes

Step 4: Step 4

remove the filter from the mask

Step 5: Step5

gumband the hose and connector to mask make sure that it is secured nice and tight

Step 6: Final Step

tighten mask to face and breath easy untill you get comfortable with your had made air pack on your back

Step 7: In Conclusion

i would like to say that the project went well and i built a 2nd one and i put an electric meter as a perifial flow modgular or (PFD)



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